A New Beginning

Part 1: The North Wind
Part 2: The Tiger Eye
Part 3: Mystical Butterfly
This is Part 4 finale of the series.

The stars were contemplating to drowse off in the early Autumn sky. There was a cool morning breeze, and the breeze ushered in a Traveler back home. A girl stepped out of a car. She was fair, with streaks of dark brown hair. The old bells at the gate chimed softly.

An old man tucked in his bed, deep asleep, opened his eyes and looked towards the door through which faint light came into his room.
And there was a sparkle in his old green eyes, a soft smile flashing across his lips.

Concerns of Enya were always borderline mercurial, a trait she inherited from her mother. There were monumental things just running past her and simple things that would effect her so much. Enya opened her window, looking out at the long forgotten, yet so vivid neighborhood. There was a pleasant morning breeze. She looked around and sighed. Her bags lying at the other corner of her room beckoned her to unpack. It has been so long since she came last to this room, she thought, but nothing much has changed. The bed, the window drapes, the dream-catcher that belonged to her mother. Years of wayfaring as a Traveler made her forget what it is like to stop and reminiscent. For once, after a long time, she felt a strange calm within her.

"How have you been, my child?" asked an old familiar voice, his green eyes moistened as he spoke. Enya rushed and hugged her Gramps. His stood as tall as ever, withered with his age, yet his spirit undeterred. He was happy, for once again the house will be lively. Enya's visits were like the bursts of fresh air into the old house.
"Good. The map is bigger now."
"Oh, travelling and adding to the map! That's what you always do. Tell me something new!" the old man mocked his dear little child.
Enya smiled. Heeding to the call of the wind, years ago Enya left her home, travelling and adding to the Traveler's map. In her quest, she forgot to stop and look back at the things she left behind. But, she had no regrets about her life.

The old man feared deep down that soon she would be gone again, leaving the house so lonesome. He shrugged away the thought and decided to enjoy the time while she is still around. Secretly wishing that she would stay.


A few months had passed and Enya was still around, as cheerful and joyous as ever. The children kept coming to listen stories from Grandpa and Enya too joined them to tell the stories of her travels. The old red diary seemed to have been lost in the corners of the attic and no one seemed in a hurry to find it. Everything was perfect.

One morning, Enya opened the windows of the room, and felt a gust of the cold North Wind. The Tiger eye was glistening in the morning sun. Enya stood at the window, in reverie. She knew the call of the wind too well by now.

She turned away and shut the window.

On the other side of the road, a young boy had opened his window, to look out at the morning sun and listen to the cold gust of the wind. His wide inquisitive eyes sparkled as he saw the rays of the morning sun shining against his yellow stone ring. Little did he know that too was a Tiger eye.

"Troy, come downstairs."

He rushed down while the sly wind blew the pages in his book.


It wasn't too long after that day, Troy was seen packing his belongings one morning setting out on a trip to marvel in the wonders of being a Traveler. He had the map with him. Enya was seen writing at her desk on the yellow pages of the old red diary. Yes, the Red diary was back.

Just then there was a rumbling sound from the attic and Grandpa's voice was heard, "Never mind me, just an old man going through old stuff." Enya knew him too well by now to know that he is up to something. She rushed upstairs, leaving the diary open.
The wind fluttered the pages where the line read, "..sometimes the end is just the beginning..."


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