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The Moonlight Pond

Traversing through the wilderness, Troy spotted the moon behind the clouds. There was a mystic aura about it, as if it had the power to heal a thousand scars. The moonlight lit the distance he needed to cover, but the grey clouds hid the way.

A New Beginning

Part 1: The North Wind
Part 2: The Tiger Eye
Part 3: Mystical Butterfly
This is Part 4 finale of the series.

The stars were contemplating to drowse off in the early Autumn sky. There was a cool morning breeze, and the breeze ushered in a Traveler back home. A girl stepped out of a car. She was fair, with streaks of dark brown hair. The old bells at the gate chimed softly.

An old man tucked in his bed, deep asleep, opened his eyes and looked towards the door through which faint light came into his room.
And there was a sparkle in his old green eyes, a soft smile flashing across his lips.

Mystical Butterfly

Part 1: The North Wind
Part 2: The Tiger Eye
This is Part 3 of the series.

In the foothills of the great mountains, lay an ancient mystic land where peace prevails and tranquility rules, all beings, big or small, respected. Amidst the lush greenery, the pure waters and the sweet scent of the air, it is the place where one feels the presence of divine spirit within oneself.

The Tiger Eye

Finally I could pen down a sequel of The North Wind. There is more to follow...

"Claire was a young girl who had more to her than what meets the eye. She had a spirit as free as a bird, curiosity tentamounting to nine lives of a cat and a insatiable thirst for knowledge. Even at a very young age she was well read. She had found her twin soul in her best friend, Irene. The two would often spend hours in the attic of the old house brewing up stories of unraveling perplexity.

The North Wind

"It was a Winter evening, just as this" said the old man, as he shuffled on his Wing chair adjusting the thick house-coat, making himself comfortable at the porch. The children sat in a circle around him, with eager eyes, listening to his story with utmost interest.