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The lost cry

I had my father's eyes,
As blue as the sky.
He named me Narin,
The sister of Yazdin.

The Veiled Ethics

It was early morning, around 4 am and the marriage ceremony was finally over. The bride and the groom were ushered into another room, while the rest of us, the "baraati", walked downstairs and waited for our vehicles near the entrance gate, which was so well lit up last evening, but now had only few sleepy stray dogs and an artillery of mosquitoes doing the rounds. Yes, the festivities were over.

The Tainted Spotlight

After being asked about a hundred times about what I thought about the documentary "India's Daughter", I finally had to write this down. All the ruckus about the documentary India's Daughter only reiterates one phrase - Much Ado about Nothing. Now before being bombarded with all sorts of negative comments, let me make one thing clear, my solidarity lies where yours lie too - with the Nation, with the women of the Nation, with the women all over the World and with those good men who fall through the wormhole of generalization.

Yes, We Gave It Back

Times Now had to stoop down to a new low in journalism - by trying a desperate attempt to Shame our Men in Blue by firing the Twitter trend #ShamedInSydney.

What they did not realize was the fact that it would come to bite them when Twitter hit back with the trend #ShameOnTimesNow.

My take on Religion

Religion (noun): The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
So says the Oxford dictionary.

I believe, my religion is a beautiful ensemble of a way of life.