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Monday, July 6, 2015

The lost cry

I had my father's eyes,
As blue as the sky.
He named me Narin,
The sister of Yazdin.

Then one day he was no more to be seen,
He had gone to the marketplace, an usual routine.
Years passed and no one would know,
One day the news rattled like a blow -
They are coming, they are coming,
Be careful and run while you can.

My mother, brother and I rushed to the street,
But we could go no further than a few hundreds of feet,
When a flaming ball hit the ground -
With intense heat and perilous sound.
My brother perished in that pound.
I closed my eyes.

As I opened my eyes, I saw my mother dragged away from me,
I was shoved in a truck, unknowing of what was meant to be.
There were other girls just like me,
Abrashed and bruised,
As forlorn as can be.

They took us to a town far away,
And what happened next I shudder to say.
Sold, humiliated, violated, desecrated by many,
I lay all night, I lay all day.
My screams went silent, my tears ran dry -
Oh when would I run under the mackerel sky?

Somewhere within me is the ghost of what I used to be,
I had my father's eyes, as blue as the skies.
I don't close them anymore.
Staring at the God, I lie, asking why this has been made of me?
Why am I an infidel today?
My soul died long back, why does my body still have to pay?

Lost is Narin, lost is Yazdin,
Lost is the Father and the Mother, so caring.
Lost is your cause, you who plunder me.
Lost is my hope on Humanity.

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