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Saturday, July 25, 2015

An Old Friend

Sara was sitting on the usual arm chair in her room, looking out of the window at the lawn outside. It was a pleasant sunny day, the grass green and sky blue, a lonely bird sang a tune on the branch of a nearby tree.

Sara sat there reminiscing of the times when she would run amidst the tall green grass on many a sunny days with Pico. There was never a dull moment with Pico around. They would go to catch dragonflies near the pond at the back of the barn. Pico helped her tie a hammock at her favorite spot. They would spend all afternoon lying there musing about sweet nothings and making plans for their next adventure.

They spent a lot of good times together until life beckoned. Sara finished her schooling, moved to a different city for further studies. She had a successful career and family life. Her marriage to Pat bore many happy memories and two beautiful young children. After his death however, she wanted to come to the retirement home and spend her days amidst the calmness the home had to offer. She was never sad or morose. Her children and grandchildren visited her often. She spent her days knitting at her seat by the window or reading old journals. She knew how to cherish life and all that it came with.

Many years had passed and Pico was almost forgotten, until today, when she looked at the clear green grass and the bright blue sky. Though she never felt chained down, today she felt as free as a bird again. Her heart felt like it belonged with the lonely bird that sang a melody on the nearby tree.

Sara heard a soft tap. She looked straight up to see her old friend Pico. He was standing right at the door, extending his arm towards her. So many years went passed, but he radiated the same warmth as he did when she first met him. Sara went up to her friend, held is arm and walked away.

Ian received a call from the retirement home and rushed straight in. He looked at his mom lying on her bed.
"Sara died in her sleep", they said. "She passed away peacefully."
With tears in his eyes, Ian kissed Sara's serene face. On the bed stand was a drawing made by his son - a hare with a suit and tie, titled 'Pico: my grandma's old friend'.

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