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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Makeup Post: Vegas Night 1

After a very well enjoyed anniversary trip to Vegas and Grand Canyon, I am slowly getting over my holiday "Hangover".
But all questions asked to me these days lead back to my holidays. My fashionista besties were specially curious about my Vegas makeup and my friend +fiona furtado suggested that I blog about my makeup.

You can read her beauty blog HERE

I am sharing two looks. One with a white dress and another with a black one, which also happens to be my anniversary gift! Yayy!!
This post is about the makeup with the white dress. You can read about my other makeup post here: Makeup Post: Vegas Night 2

I am all for maximizing with minimal makeup. Since the dress itself was bright I went for a darker look with smokey eyes and brick red lips.
(P.S the darker look isn't that dark. It is dark compared to my standards).

Step 1: Wash and gently moisturize your face and neck. The key to good skin is good moisturization.

Step 2: FACE:
Apply your foundation. A little goes a long way. Make sure you have total coverage of your face and neck. But, Never overdo foundation. It will leave your skin feeling dry and caked.
To achieve uniform color do not forget to dab a little foundation on your ears and other exposed parts of your body like arms. It may seem rather unnecessary but sometimes it leaves your makeup looking so obvious!
For this look, I applied very light foundation of Elizabeth Arden flawless finish Ivory since I wanted my natural color to show through and I happily skipped through the blush.

Step 3: EYES:
Frankly, I seldom use eye-shadows, so I picked up my Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow Berry Bloom Quad (Amazon) and did just how they advised at the back of the palette:

1. Apply one or both mid-tones on the lid and blend. I used the pink shade towards the inner eyelid and softly blended over to the brownish tone outwards.
2. Use deepest shade to contour. I also used it downwards to make an angle towards the outermost corner of the eye.
Outlining your eyes on your eyelids with the deepest shade and then blending in helps to achieve the smokey eye look.
3. Use lightest shade to highlight browbone. I also used the highlight to add a sparkle right at the inner corner of the eye near the tear duct. Remember, Go easy on the highlights to avoid the straight-out-of-drama look.
4. Use eye-liner for the upper outer lashline and soft kohl to line the lower inner lashline. (Psst..I just love how soft kohl smudges just a little towards the outer eye :-)
5. Use a light coat of mascara to complete the look.

Step 4: LIPS:
1. Best results come with lips which are gently exfoliated and well moisturized. Apply lip balm/petroleum jelly as the base coat for moisturization.
2. I applied Lakme Enrich Watermelon #355 for the base color. It is a shade towards the darker red. Pat with a tissue to set the color on your lips.
3. I applied Lakme Enrich Satins #651 for the top layer. It is a nude shade which adds a nice glow to the lips and helps to soften and seal in the color.

And the final look:

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