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Monday, September 5, 2016

Future Unfeigned

There was a wise old man,
Who sat under a tree, spick and span.
Children played around him,
Clustered chirps and cherry blossom swings.

Just then a little girl came to him -
“What are you thinking Grandpa?
What do you see?
They say, you can tell the future -
What’s in store for me?”

Grandpa looked at her,
With a warm green gaze,
It was a warm sunny day,
He smiled, and nudged her to sit.

You will be charming, my little one,
You will be brave and kind.
You will be all of this at once,
You will be none of this at a given time.

Like Mother Nature, you will be beautiful,
Like the spring in full bloom,
Yet you will be scary,
Like the night of a thunderstorm.

You will be bountiful,
Loving and nurturing.
Yet, men beware your wrath,
Who crossed you or your loved one.

Your dainty little hands
Will move mountains one day.
Just like how this big tree waves
With the soft wind, as you play.

Your emotions run deep,
Like the depth of an ocean.
You can cause big tsunamis,
Yet anchor a ship.

In this world of changes, my dear one,
You are a spectrum of Nature.
Things come and go,
But you will be constant.

You, my little child,
Will be a loving daughter, a passionate lover,
A dutiful wife and a nurturing mother,
A wise friend, yet a lonely philosopher.
You will change, for sure,
Yet, in all the changes you will be constant.

So saying, the wise old man,
Rubbed a tear off from his eye.
He looked at a distance,
And his lips traced a smile.

The little girl got up,
“Grandpa, I don’t know what you say,
Next time, tell me a story,
Now I am going to play!”

He looked at her lovingly,
As she trotted away.
The rain clouds covered the sky -
White, with shades of grey.

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