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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Point to Ponder

There is something about children dancing that makes them essentially so cute. But then, there is something about them dancing to a song that goes, "saree ke fall sa kabhi match kiya re" or "chitiyan kalaiyyan" which makes me want to close my ears and imagine them dancing to something, say, more befitting to a six year old, to start with?

What makes it even more pitiful is the fact that most of these lyrics may even be incomprehensible to them. So here are six year olds dancing to totally grown up songs which aren't even depicting any ethnic custom, culture, tradition, are no classics, just random rambling of words!

And, they are dressed and made up as adults - with dark eye shadows, mascaras, dark lipsticks, colored hair streaks and what not. Well, some may say that when on stage they do need to put make up on, and I totally understand that, but ask yourself, is that really what you are thinking when you are making them up like this? Are you not forcing them to a more "grown up" look?

During school days, we too had stage shows, where we had the make-up uncle dab us with face powders and "rose" on the cheek and we were ready!

People create a ruckus about objectifying women..maybe it's time to think..have we not started objectifying our kids as well? Are we not gradually stealing their innocence and prematurely forcing them into a more "grown up" way of life?
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