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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine verse

Valentine's day is here,
With romantic souls declaring love near and far.
"Oh it's love", they say,
"The crazy, undying kind,
Which cannot be tempered by the rain or wind"
Oh silly, silly mind!

Years pass and 'love' holds strong -
It's easy - a bouquet and a card with melodic song.
Each leading their independent life, doing the things they like.
"I can take care", they say,
"I am proud of my strong strong partner"
Oh silly, silly banter!

And one day the rock is shaken,
The strength has gone,
Care has to be taken -
For some time to come.
"I did it for days", they say,
When one day they shout and say,
I've had enough of this!"
Once, when you couldn't have your way?

Where is the love now, where is the lure?
You greet on the anniversary asking who's done more!
You repeatedly abuse someone who thought you would care,
Who bought your idea of love with full fanfare.

So the lovers out there,
Here is the deal -
Life is not a bed of roses
And the saying gets so real!
It's fun to tangle along,
When life seems like a sweet song.
But if you are not ready for the trial,
You better not stray there for long!

Life has a vine of love and respect.
Who does more is a matter of retrospect.
If love is real do you really care?
Keep your ego aside and see what you did there.
It is easy to be arrogant,
In your life, remember to be gentle, remember to be nice -
The silent tears bear a price!

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