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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Unusual Guests

It was a pleasant evening and Fall was manifesting itself in every form. The sun had just set and the world seemed to linger in that limbo for a while. I was returning to my apartment, walking the narrow path darkened by the trees on either sides, when I saw a neighborhood regular approach me.

I smiled. She nodded and looked up. Her light brown eyes lightened up her beautiful round face. She was a mother of two. Her kids were a splitting likeness of her. Though she always maintained a distance and was in fact deemed unfriendly by the others, there was something about her that always hit a soft spot in my heart.

I climbed up the flight of stairs that led to my room and started digging my bag for the key. The kids got playful hearing the clink of my keys and ran up the stairs. She faltered, just a while, at the landing.

As I opened the door and walked in, the kids were the first to follow. With eyes wide open and ears so alert, they looked around the room. They could not stay still for long and curiously wandered inside the apartment as I went to the kitchen to get them something to eat.
I left the front door open.

The mother quietly stepped in and got busy gathering her kids around her. I laid the tidbits on a plate and the kids soon starting munching them with great delight. The mother felt a little reserved at first. I couldn't blame her. This was the first time she let herself come so close to any human being.

The kids seemed to like running about in the hall. And the mother started to feel comfortable too. Seeing them at ease I too started with my chores. With eyes full of wonder they looked about around the room, while I wondered,  what they might be thinking? What drove them to follow me into the house this evening?
Feral cats aren't exactly known to follow people into their home. Maybe, they really liked the meow mix I gave them the other day!

P.S: Yes, that's the mom!
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